Video reportage on World Soil Day
EBRD Climadapt World Soil Day in partnership with FAO
EBRD Climadapt gender workshop in partnership with UNDP
CLIMADAPT General video 2017
CLIMADAPT Solar technology case study
CLIMADAPT Irrigation case study
CLIMADAPT Cold storage case study
CLIMADAPT Award Ceremony 2017-Arvand
CLIMADAPT Award Ceremony 2017- CLIMADAPT Team
CLIMADAPT Award Ceremony 2017-Eskhata Bank
CLIMADAPT Award Ceremony 2017-Imon International
CLIMADAPT Awards Ceremony 2017-Humo

Video reportage of radio Ozodi of CLIMADAPT Award Ceremony
Technology Workshop on equipment modernization in Dushanbe
Technology Workshop on equipment modernization in Sogd region 
Technology workshop on drip irrigation in Sogd region
Technology workshop 
on drip irrigation in Khatlon
Technology workshop on Solar dryer in Kanibadam
Technology workshop on solar dryer in Isfara
Technology workshop on greenhouses and solar dryer Rasht region
Climadapt promotional video Modern water and energy efficient solutions for agribusiness
FMFB promotional video
Interview with Rachel Allen Programme Cordinator for the Pilot Programme and Climate Resilience
Interview with Farukh Kasimov Deputy team leader of EBRD CLIMADAPT 

Interview with Dr.Christophe Cordonnier Team Leader of EBRD CLIMADAPT